Audience Finder is a national audience data and development programme, enabling cultural organisations to share, compare and apply insight.

It is developed and managed by The Audience Agency for and with the cultural sector, and is funded by the Arts Council England.

Audience Finder provides tools for collecting and analysing data in a standardised way which builds a clear picture of audiences locally and nationally. The results help organisations to find new audience opportunities using a range of tools, features and support. Including user-friendly reporting dashboards, online mapping and insight tools, and the opportunity to work in collaborative, data-sharing groups.


Audience Finder Community Charter

We help cultural organisations to use our national data to develop their relevance, reach and resilience. Our Audience Finder Charter is the promise we make to our community of users. If you have suggestions to make or feel that we have not acted according to the Charter, please email the Support Team with your issue straight away.


Your needs first

  • Products and services are prioritised and designed with and for our users.
  • We welcome feedback through any channel and always acknowledge it.
  • We will respond to your enquiries within three days and be clear in our response.
  • We will always make clear what we plan to deliver to you and why, as well as setting out our expectations of you as a user/client.
  • We will ensure that that our work is accurate, well presented, properly contextualised and actionable.
  • We will keep users informed of new developments and signpost opportunities for users to work together.
  • We act with discretion and confidentiality. We will never share information about an organisation without their express permission.

Mission before profit

  • Any surplus generated through Audience Finder will be reinvested in the programme.
  • The essential Audience Finder service as funded by Arts Council England will always be free and open to any organisation contributing data.
  • Prices and fees for any paid-for services, options or add-ins will be clearly displayed and discussed.
  • We seek out collaboration and resources to add value and make connections that bring efficiencies for the benefit of the sector.
  • All our work respects the views and rights of audiences.

Committed to quality

  • We have established QA processes which are transparent, externally verified and regularly reviewed.
  • All our funded programmes are independently evaluated.
  • Audience Finder has a critical friend as adviser.
  • We have clear security safeguarding polices (and are registered with the ICO) which are integral to our methodologies and approaches.
  • We take our responsibilities seriously under the Equality Act 2010 and have a policy in place.

We are responsible custodians of the national audience data set

  • We only use data for the good of the public and sector and will never use data for profit without public benefit.
  • We are committed to Open Data principles, and make data safely available in a form suitable to those who can bring value to the sector.
  • We will always make aggregated data available to Arts Council England but will not make data about specific organisations available without their express permission.


You can click here to browse The Audience Agency’s Support Helpdesk, or contact our Support team with any questions you may have: